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With GetByMail you can stay at home and have access to your office computer and vice versa simply through your e-mail accounts. You can get remote directory listings and tree view, download/upload files and directories, perform change dir, make dir, rename and delete operations, capture remote computer desktop screens, run remote applications, shutdown, reboot and logoff remote computer. During download/upload operations files and directories are automatically compressed and split into small pieces to assure reliable transmission. To connect a remote PC, it is not necessary to install GetByMail on both local and remote computers. GetByMail supports command line interpreter for most commands sent to remote PC from any e-mail client or web mail application. GetByMail gives you a unique ability to share files on your computer with other people simply through e-mail. It is an excellent solution if you want to share files with people who do not have access to FTP, P2P or are behind NAT/firewalls. Because GetByMail only requires an e-mail address the program is easy to setup. No complex network configuration, no dedicated IP and no additional FTP software are required. GetByMail supports SSL connections over POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols and is compatible with GMail service.

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